Indianapolis Colts vs. Detroit Lions: NFL Week 13 Preview and Prediction

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indianapolis Colts (7-4) will travel to Ford Field to take on the Detroit Lions (4-7) for the first time since their Thanksgiving Day game there in 2004. The Colts won 41-9 and dominated the contest that day. Unfortunately for the Colts’, there’s only a couple of players left from that team and their quarterback Andrew Luck was only 14-years old then.

The Colts and Lions are coming into this game going in two opposite directions. The Colts are winners of five of their last six games and making a push each week closer to one of the AFC Wildcard spots, while the Lions have lost three in a row and slipping each week further from a NFL playoff spot after making them last year.

If the Colts win they will be 3-1 against NFL North opponents this season after beating the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings at home and losing to the Chicago Bears on the road in the season opener.

The game Sunday is going to come down to if the Colts’ secondary can stop the Lions’ top-ranked passing attack and score early and often. Last time the Colts played the top-ranked passing attack and forced into a shootout scenario was two weeks ago, when they gave up 59 points to the New England Patriots. The secondary was weak and the front seven didn’t get much pressure on Tom Brady. Mix that with the offense and special teams giving the Patriots 28 of those 59 points, and the shootout mentality didn’t work.

The game Sunday will be more of the same with the Lions struggling to run and struggling to stop it. Like the New England game, the Colts will come in with a similar game plan and trying to control the line by gaining big chunks and stopping the run on their end.

The Lions are just trying to do everything they can to end their skid. They’re vulnerable right now and searching for a win.


Indianapolis 34 Detroit 31

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