Is Brandon Marshall MVP?

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

Brandon Marshall has been called and accused of being many things in his career, but is he a MVP candidate? There’s not an offensive player in the league that means more to an offense than Marshall means to the Chicago Bears. But is this translating to recognition around the league?

Generally, Marshall’s name doesn’t come up in the conversation of best receivers in football. But his numbers talk. He’s third in the NFL in catches (81), sixth in yards (1,017), tied for second in touch downs (8), sixth in first downs (51) and fifth in average yards per game (92.5). He’s usually mentioned in the top ten of receivers around the league, but that’s about as far as the respect he’ll get.

The most obvious reason is the persona he’s created for himself. Marshall’s off-the-field issues could cover a football field. But unlike other athletes that struggle with personal issues, Marshall did something about it. He was evaluated and is being treated for Borderline Personality Disorder. It is a mood disorder that causes major mood swings. Since coming to the Bears, Marshall has been a model citizen and one of the most likable guys on the team. And yet, when he’s interviewed by the national press, the same questions arise about him off-the-field. They’re waiting for Marshall to slip-up again, but he’s putting forth an admirable effort to stay the course.

At the same time, he’s been on three teams in four years. This wasn’t by his own choice. But his production hasn’t been the issue. It would appear that Marshall has finally found a home in Chicago reunited with Jay Cutler from their Denver Broncos days. Regardless if others around the league see it, I’m quite happy the band is back together.

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