Kansas City Chiefs Player Commits Suicide At Team Facility

By Riley Schmitt

There is some very tragic news out of Kansas City this morning. There are reports that a Kansas City Chiefs player committed suicide at the team facility. There are also reports that he fatally shot his girlfriend before driving to said facility.

I am not going to name names at this time because I have no idea if the family knows what happened or if the name being thrown about is correct.  There is no need to throw rash speculation out there until the team or the police department confirms what actually happened.

Regardless of who it was, this is a very depressing situation for everyone involved.  This was a young player who has thrown his life away but we currently have no idea why.  He may been going through some extremely bad issues but suicide is never the right answer.  If you have an issue like that, seek help.  There will be people who are always ready to listen to you.

We will keep you updated on this story as more details become confirmed.  Out of the respect for his family, I personally will not name a name until the police report one.  Hopefully the family learns about this from the team or the cops.  Learning from an article on the Internet would be simply tragic.

Prayers go out to everyone affected by this.


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