New York Giants Need To Defend Read Option

By Andrew Lecointe
Andrew Mills/The Star-Ledger — US Presswire

There is a lot of praise being tossed around to Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. So far it is well deserved considering what he has done. Griffin has the speed and also has shown the ability to throw the deep ball from the pocket.

While that may be the case, the New York Giants should know what they need to do defensively if they want to win this game. The Giants will need to defend the read option play the Redskins run routinely. The Redskins have a running back in RB Alfred Morris who makes the read option so difficult to defend.

Morris is a solid downhill running back who is able to get yards after contact. Morris has certainly been a surprise for the Redskins so far. Picked in the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft out of Florida Atlantic, it is safe to say the Redskins were not planning on him being their every-down back.

He has become just that and he has flourished. Morris is fifth in the NFL in rushing yards, just 18 yards shy of 1,000. Coupling Morris with Griffin III has made defensive coordinators lose hours of sleep trying to game-plan for the both of them. Giants’ defensive coordinator Perry Fewell probably has lost sleep this week trying to figure it out.

Griffin has shown to be a fairly accurate passer, but I believe the Redskins have not taken off the training wheels just yet. A lot of his passes from the pocket are shallow crossing routes and quick slants.

The secondary definitely needs to defend against the deep ball, and also prevent some of the underneath throws. Those underneath throws allow the Redskins to get in manageable third down situations, where the read option can be effective on that down as well.

Defending the deep ball is key, but if the Giants want to control the pace of the Redskins’ offense, they should make sure they are able to contain Morris and Griffin III. If they are unsuccessful, it’ll be a long day for their defense.

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