The Oakland Raiders may have hope for the future

By Jeremy Hayes
McKenzie Kirby Lee


The Oakland Raider’s General Manager Reggie McKenzie believes that he can rebuild the team.

No disrespect to the late Al Davis, this is not meaning to sound like that they can do it without him now, but the team will have a different approach in the drafts without him.

This is the chance to rebuild without having to go after any “big money” players, they can simply get young players in the draft. Not just rookies in the draft, but finding the right hidden gems to sign as undrafted free agents. That is how they can rebuild in a way that makes them have a sense of their own team, and not just free agent pick-ups.


You can’t argue for a team that is just flat out poorly pieced together. McKenzie may be able to turn everything around, but these cuts and suspensions are not a positive thing. Certain moves that the Raiders have made in the past couple of weeks have shown one thing: they have given up.

Before anyone pulls another “Raider Nation tantrum,” if the players play hard on Sunday, that still does not mean that the lack luster effort of the past four games don’t mean anything. The laundry list will be a long one, and since the Raiders are basically hanging up the gloves for 2012, it is time for McKenzie to start scheming a new layout for the future look of the Raiders.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the Raiders.


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