Another Week With More Near NFL Tied Games

By Andy Schmidt

It has been an odd last few weeks in the National Football League with many games going to overtime including Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams came within a minute of tying for the second time this season. Greg Zuerlein’s field goal stopped the masses from having to experience that yet again. What is with this rash of overtime games? Is there that much parity these days?

The answer to that is yes and it seems like the gap between the best teams and the worst teams in the league gets closer and closer each and every day now. We are going to see more games that end up in overtime and will see even more games that finish in ties. That won’t work for fans in the long run. You can only assume that fans will begin to complain about the number of ties in the league if this continues.

Yes, I know there has been only one tie this season but the number of games that have come down to the final five minutes of overtime is skyrocketing. The NFL is going to need to come up with something about this before a rash of ties makes figuring out the playoffs an art for only a math major. Could the NFL decide to just play it out like they do in the playoffs? Do you go to a college-type overtime if the two teams are tied after 75 minutes? There has to be a solution out there somewhere. I would love to hear your suggestions.

Andy Schmidt is a columnist/writer for RantSports. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports or like his Facebook page.

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