Cleveland Browns Employee Commits Suicide In Team Facility

By Riley Schmitt
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

It was a sad Saturday all across the NFL as a Cleveland Browns employee committed suicide in team facility. This is following the tragedy that took place with Jovan Belcher, as the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide at their facility in Kansas City.

Browns also dealt w tragedy yesterday when team discovered an employee committed suicide by hanging himself in the equipment shed at the facility. Sad, sad day

That information comes from Fox Sports and it is another tragedy.  It is incredibly heartbreaking to read about situations like this but there are people who do struggle with mental issues.  They feel that there is no other way for them to solve their problems except for this very extreme and final solution to it.

I will use this as another chance to stress that if you have an issue you are dealing with, please talk to someone.  You may not want to discuss it but it will help you.  There will always be people that will listen to your problems and they simply will not dismiss what is going on with you.  Take the time to seek help before making a decision such as this.  The pain it causes everyone else is something that no one ever wants to deal with.

My prayers go out to the family of this employee and to the team themselves.  This is surely a tough time for every party that is involved.  Hopefully there will be answers soon.


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