Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck Does His Best to Clinch ROY in Win

By Eric Smith

I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason Andrew Luck is two different people. He makes himself look like not just the best rookie but among the best quarterbacks in the league when he plays in the friendly confines of Lucas Oil Stadium. He’s led the Colts to 5-1 record at home and makes countless plays to drive defenses crazy. When he plays on the road, he does the exact opposite and makes Indianapolis Colts fans crazy.

I wanted to leave that line in there from my article I was working on in the fourth quarter to have up after the game. Shame on me for thinking that because Luck just not only exceeded expectations, but just showed us why he will win Rookie of the Year this season.

Many people want to crown Robert Griffin III as the best rookie and the Colts made a mistake by drafting Luck. Well, Luck did look bad for the most part in the first 57 minutes of today’s game. He had flashes of brilliance, but looked like a rookie and not one that would win the best rookie at the end of the season. He had everyone thinking he needed to grow up big time on the road and become more consistent.

What he did on the final two drives in three minutes was nothing short of brilliant. It was something only the best legends do not a rookie playing in his 12th game. RGIII would never be able to pull of what Luck did and it’s not the first time he’s done this late in a game. To make his team 8-4 after a 2-14 season and all but clinch a playoff spot in going to be the reason he’s not just the rookie of the year, but possibly the MVP.

Luck didn’t use a timeout on the second to last drive and led the Colts on an eight play, 77-yard drive in just 1:23. He hit fellow rookie LaVon Brazill on a 42-yard touchdown pass evading defenders and the pass rush to give Brazill his first career touchdown.

After the defense forced the Lions to punt, the Colts got the ball back with just 1:07 left 76 yards away from the endzone. The Colts trailed 33-28 at the time and needed a touchdown to win. They needed to do all of this with no timeouts relying on a rookie quarterback, rookie running back, two rookie tight ends, and two rookie receivers. All Luck had as veterans to throw to was Donnie Avery and Reggie Wayne. That’s a tall task to do especially when he looked suspect all day throwing three bad interceptions.

Luck showed the calmness and poise of a 10+ year veteran and showed Colts fans why a Super Bowl isn’t out of the question this year and why the best years weren’t under the Peyton Manning era but could be under the Luck era.



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