Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck Leads Colts to Another Last Second Touchdown

By Eric Smith

Call them the cardiac Indianapolis Colts. Once again they survived a road game and pulled out with a touchdown pass from Andrew Luck at the end to win. The first one came against the Tennessee Titans when Luck hit Vick Ballard on a screen pass in overtime to give Indianapolis their first road win in nearly two years. Today, just topped that play and then some.

Indiana is used to last second shots. There’s two now they call “The Shot.” Consider today’s 14-yard pass from Luck to Donnie Avery as time expired “The Pass.”

Indianapolis played like rookies all day. I even had an article done saying Luck eliminated himself from Rookie of the Year contention with his performance today. Then, he led the Colts to two magical final drives and pulled from down 33-21 to give them a 35-33 victory. He only needed three minutes to do so.

Prior to the final two drives, Luck had three horrible interceptions and looked like once again he was going to be the liability on the road. He came into today with 16 turnovers on the road and looked like two different people. His poise on the final two drivers will be the reason why the clinched the rookie of the year today.

He evaded defenders on that last drive with a heart of a champion. On the first play he ran for nine yards then spiked the ball to set up a third and one. With such poise he hit Reggie Wayne for a 26 yard reception to give the Colts a first down on the Lions’ 40-yard line. After spiking the ball again Luck ran for 16 more yards to get out of bounds to give the Colts another first down inside the Lions’ 25-yard line.

Luck then completed a pass to rookie Dwayne Allen to the Lions’ 14-yard line as he got out of bounds. After three straight incomplete passes to the endzone Luck pulled the miracle in hitting Avery for the final score as time ran out on fourth down. That takes courage and guts to do that and accomplish all that he did on the final drive with no timeouts. Great job by Luck and the Colts as they now move to 8-4 and that much closer to a playoff spot.

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