NFL Rumors: Andy Reid to Coach the Dallas Cowboys

By Jesus Flores
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


There’s a little rumor flying around – no pun intended – that current Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid could be the Dallas Cowboys next head coach.

As much as I’d like to dispel that rumor, there is a chance.  I don’t think it’s a very good chance, but it’s there.  The Eagles are looking to end a seven-game losing streak on Sunday night when they face the Cowboys.

Should the Eagles lose, there’s almost no doubt that Reid will be fired during the off-season, but I’m not sure the Cowboys are ready to move on from Jason Garrett.  I said in a previous article Jerry Jones handpicked Garrett as his head coach, and all signs point to Jones giving Garrett the time needed to get the team to the Promised Land.

As much as Cowboys fans want Garrett gone, I can’t see Jones actually replacing him with Reid though.  Should Jones move on from Garrett, after only his second year as head coach, I imagine that he would go after a bigger fish, like Sean Payton.

Why wouldn’t Jones go after Payton?  After all, Jones is known for his high-profile and flashy decision-making.  Since joining the New Orleans Saints, Payton has put together an impressive resume including a 62-34 overall record and a Super Bowl win.  Not to take anything away from Reid’s accomplishments, but if a Super Bowl winning head coach who’s familiar with the franchise is out there, why would you look anywhere else?

If Reid actually ends up in Dallas, I would imagine it would be as an assistant and not the head coach. I don’t think that will actually happen though.

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