The Arizona Cardinals are Terrible

By Kase Brammer
Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals might be the worst team in the NFL. They were unable to get in the end zone on Sunday in a 7-6 loss to the New York Jets. Rookie QB Ryan Lindley had a terrible game. He completed just 10 passes for less than 80 yards.

How bad is this team?

Well, eight losses in a row is a hard thing to take if you’re a Cardinals’ fan. The defense did just about everything right in their effort, but the offense did just about everything wrong. Lindley let his team down today and fans know he knows this. How can he not? The play calling could have used some work, but at the same time, you just can’t blame offensive coordinator Mike Miller for everything that went wrong today.

The Cardinals managed just 137 yards of total offense today. The Jets are just not that good. Even worse considering the defense picked QB Mark Sanchez off three times. This team was plus three in the turnover margin and still couldn’t win a football game. Fans have felt bad for WR Larry Fitzgerald all season, but today might be the worst. The Cardinals need to apologize to Fitzgerald for such a poor effort. I’m talking one by one, players and coaches need to come up to him and just say “I’m sorry bro, you deserve better”.

I, for one, do not enjoy sitting down on a Sunday and watching a team lose to the Jets. They are a terrible football team as well and there is just no way they should have won after the effort they put up today. I do not care what anybody says, the Jets did not win this game, the Cardinals lost it. Arizona will lose their ninth straight game next week against the Seattle Seahawks. Considering the fact that it is at Century Link Field, the Cardinals are going to have a bad time.

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