The Minnesota Vikings Need To Bench Christian Ponder

By Riley Schmitt

The Minnesota Vikings had a chance to steal a game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, but Christian Ponder had a different idea. The Vikings QB repeatedly hurt his team, including a game changing interception when the Vikings were driving to go up by two scores. It is now time for the team to play Joe Webb.

Ponder did not complete a pass to a wideout until the fourth quarter and he struggled all game long.  Adrian Peterson had one heck of a game but he cannot do everything for the team.  Ponder is no almost no threat when passing and it is starting to bite the Vikings.  They have a shot to make the playoffs, but Ponder is holding them back.

It might be reactionary to play Webb, but he has shown a little bit more than Ponder.  Webb may struggle too but Ponder has completely fallen off since a somewhat okay start.  He is not even below average at this point.  He is simply bad at what he does and it his hurting his team.  The Vikings have talent, but the QB is not doing anything to maximize it.

I understand that the offense is lacking some threat on the outside, but a decent QB could at least give the guys a shot.  Ponder’s throws were not in any position to be completed.

Vikings fans are understandably mad at this point and they have been grumbling for a few weeks.  If they want to save the season, a QB change needs to happen.


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