Another Loss, Another Casualty: Philadelphia Eagles Fire D-Line Coach Jim Washburn

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I just love the nice, warm terms used when an NFL coach is fired. The coach has been “relieved of his duties” or the coach has been “dismissed”.

Let’s just call it how it truly is.

Following a pathetic 8-game losing streak, Philadelphia Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn has been canned. Axed. Fired. Sent packing.

There you go, that feels better.

There is absolutely no need to sugar-coat the truth when a defensive unit has underachieved this greatly. From the secondary to the linebackers to the linemen, this highly paid Eagles’ defense has allowed nearly every opponent to have their way with them.

The first casualty of the Eagles’ defensive coaching staff came when former defensive coordinator Juan Castillo was let go following the team’s Week 6 loss to the Detroit Lions. Truthfully, the firing didn’t improve the team at all, as current d-coordinator Todd Bowles, who was promoted from secondary coach, has looked to be even more incompetent leading the Eagles’ defensive unit.

Just last week, the Eagles sent shock-waves through Philly when Pro Bowl DE Jason Babin was handed his walking papers in order to give the team’s young talent a chance to show their stuff.

Babin’s replacement, DE Brandon Graham, stepped up to the plate quickly on Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, causing havoc in the backfield, as he recorded 1.5 sacks and 6 total tackles.

The changes in Philly are not even close to finished, as it is widely believed that head coach Andy Reid will be axed as soon as this terrible season is complete. Eagles offensive line coach Howard Mudd has also announced that he will be retiring from coaching at season’s end.

And now that rookie QB Nick Foles has shown that he is capable of playing at an NFL level, the notion that QB Michael Vick will be released or traded in the off-season is even more likely.

No matter how many personnel changes the Eagles make before next season, it will not be hard to improve on this historically awful 2012 campaign.


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