Arizona Cardinals' WR says "It's been a struggle for Eight Weeks"

By Kase Brammer
Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals
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The path the Arizona Cardinals have taken this year is really quite amazing. They are the only team in the league with just two streaks. They have one four game winning streak and one eight game losing streak. After the latest loss in this incredible losing streak, Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald said “it’s been a struggle for eight weeks”.

Fitzgerald is a class act and would never throw any of his teammates under the bus, but I think if there was ever an appropriate time to do so, it is now. Fans watch each week as the Cardinals’ offense finds a new way to lose the game, whether it’s turnovers, not converting third downs or just not being able to move the ball in general. You can tell Fitzgerald hates losing especially when he says “you gotta laugh to keep from crying”.

Very powerful words if you are a Cardinals’ fan. Something to live by for the rest of the season. Fans are upset right now. They don’t know who to blame, so they look towards the offensive coordinator Mike Miller, Quarterback Ryan Lindley and the entire offensive line. In this game, you cannot blame Miller or the offensive line. The Weight of the blame falls on Lindley for completing just under 33 percent of his passes.

I know he is a rookie, but when you struggle that badly, you have to own up to it, and he did. Lindley said “The defense have played their tails off all year”. He knows this loss falls on him and that is something big to admit if you are a rookie in your second career start in the NFL. QB Kevin Kolb would have completed most of the passes that Lindley missed. If Kolb can go this week, you better believe he will be the starter.

Personally, I think the blame should be spread across the whole team. If that is the case, than most of it should fall on the shoulders of Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt. This team has had losing streaks of six or more in each of the past 3 seasons. That is a problem that cannot continue, so I say he is gone if the Cardinals can’t find a better replacement.

It getting harder and harder for fans to believe in the Cardinals. Losing eight games in a row has got to hurt. However, the “birdgang” will bounce back, but how much more can they take?

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