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Chicago Bears: My Reaction to Yesterday’s Loss

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The Chicago Bears fall to the Seattle Seahawks at home 23-17. Here are my analysis on the Bears fourth loss of the season.

What went wrong for the Bears: Russell Wilson made his case for Offensive Rookie of Year with a great performance late in the ball game against the Bears defense. The Bears simply couldn’t contain Wilson when he scrambled to the outside. The Bears seem to not be prepared for Wilson as a scrambler according to Julius Peppers after the game...

He likes to play with his legs," defensive end Julius Peppers said via the Chicago Tribune. "We weren't prepared for it, but he did a good job today."

Wilson rushed for 71 yards off nine carries as the Bears had no answer for the quarterback when he got to the edge. The Bears defense also did a poor job containing Marshawn Lynch throughout the day as he rushed for 4.6 yards per carry.

It was a game of missed opportunities, with Earl Bennett dropping a deep pass attempt that would have been six points, and Bush failing to get a fourth and short deep in Seahawks territory. The obvious most missed opportunity was Major Wright’s dropped interception on Seahawks last drive in regulation. If Wright finishes that play the ball game is over; the Bears get their ninth win of the season, and move to the 2nd seed instead of 5th.

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Defensive Grade: D-

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When you allow a rookie QB at your place to travel 97 yards down the field to take the lead late in the 4th and 80 yards to win the game in overtime, the unit deserves an F. The only thing that keeps this grade from being an F is that the defense held the Seahawks offense to only 10 points up until then. The Bears also didn’t do a good job stopping Marshawn Lynch, and had trouble containing Wilson when he broke outside the pocket.

Lot of people put this loss on Lovie Smith, but this in my opinion falls on the players.

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Defensive Game Ball: Tim Jennings

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The only bright spot on the defense is Tim Jennings, who had a solid performance from a coverage perspective. He did allow a big gain to Golden Tate, but to give him the benefit of the doubt Tate got away with a blatant push that knock Jennings to the ground.

Jennings suffered a shoulder injury late in the game that doesn’t seem to be too serious, but could cost him to miss the game next week against the Minnesota Vikings. Jennings is solid corner that will be missed in that match-up, especially if the Vikings get Percy Harvin back.

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Offensive Grade: C+

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While Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall shined bright against a tough Seattle Seahawks secondary, the offense only put up 14 points and that’s not going to get you far in the playoffs if they even get there. The offensive line struggle to open holes for the running backs, and Matt Forte had a bad game running the football. Michael Bush outside the failed fourth and short conversion had an overall better game.

Earl Bennett’s drop deep down the field took a possible seven points off the board, and the Bears hurt themselves with drive killing penalties and drops.

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Offensive Game Ball: Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall

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Coming into this game, I thought the Bears offense had a good opportunity to have a big game rushing the football. Seattle Seahawks are sketchy at run defense, and one of their best run defenders, defensive end Red Bryant was hobble with an ankle injury.

Instead, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall put on a show against that secondary, with the highlight being the 56 yard pass with less than 24 seconds to set up Robbie Gould to send the game into overtime. Cutler and Marshall are making a strong case as the best QB/WR combo in the league.

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Overall Analysis

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

This was the Bears worst loss of the season, and the kind of loss that could be season changing. Lucky for the Bears is that this is a veteran group, so you shouldn't see a meltdown here on out. Give credit to Russell Wilson who adjusted late in the game to expose a defense that didn’t have an answer for the read-option.

The Bears offense while gave the defense a four point lead late in the fourth, need to be able to score more than 17 points. You’re simply not going to be able to beat good teams being conservative like that.