Indianapolis Colts: Pass Rush on the Road Needs to Improve Dramatically

By Eric Smith
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is  jacked that the Indianapolis Colts scored a last second touchdown to move to 8-4 on the season as playoff talks are getting louder and louder. Everyone is also raving about the poise of this team in getting a late pressure scenario road win to give them their third road victory in the last four games away from Lucas Oil Stadium.

I will say though lets come back to reality a bit.

None of the three teams the Colts beat on the road are playoff teams as the trio have combined to win only 11 games this season. Now granted it’s huge they’re winning these games on the road but one thing needs to get corrected if the Colts want to make noise in the playoffs.

If Indianapolis can’t get a pass rush on their opposition they will go out quickly in the Wildcard round to whoever they’re playing. Out of 46 snaps that Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford dropped back to pass on, he was sacked zero times.

Mix that stat with the last road game prior to the game against the Lions where they gave up 59 points to the New England Patriots, Tom Brady was also not sacked. That’s 81 consecutive times the opposing team’s quarterback has dropped back to pass and the Colts never registered a sack.

That’s unacceptable.

The Colts are all but ensured a playoff spot. They can have Super Bowl hopes for sure. The problem is they won’t get to play at home in Lucas Oil Stadium where they do actually get a pass rush for the duration of the playoffs.

The only way they get a home game would be if whoever the sixth seed might be upsets their first two opponents like the Colts and gets to the AFC Championship Game. That’s highly unlikely as the road to New Orleans for Indianapolis will certainly be on the road.

With two more road games left on the season, Indianapolis needs to do a better job of getting to the quarterback.

Their dreams depend on it.

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