NFL Rumors: Could DeMarco Murray Have Played In Dallas Cowboys Game Against Washington Redskins?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We all saw how much DeMarco Murray means to the Dallas Cowboys last night in their win over the Philadelphia Eagles, but is it possible we could have seen him do the same thing on Thanksgiving?

According to DeMarco Murray, that should have been the case. He told, “I thought I was going to play against Washington, but it was a short week and the training staff just wanted to be careful,” Murray said.

No offense to the Cowboys training staff but if Murray felt healthy enough to play, he should have played. They can’t hide behind the short week excuse when he didn’t play the week before. If Murray would have played on Thanksgiving, he then would have gotten a longer than normal break in between the Washington Redskins and Eagles games to recover.

I just can’t wrap my head around the reasons why the Cowboys would hold out Murray if he was ready to go. It’s not like the Dallas offense was performing so well that they didn’t need him. Going into last night’s game, the Cowboys rushing attack was the worst in the NFL without DeMarco Murray and yet they didn’t feel the need to use him against the Redskins when their season was possibly on the line?

Yes, there’s always a risk on re-injuring the foot but there’s risk every game whether you’re hurt or not. The Cowboys don’t have the kind of luxury to decide whether to take those chances or not. This team has been playing for their playoff lives the past few weeks and they should be playing their best players.

It sounds like DeMarco Murray was ready to play last week and the Cowboys were too cautious with him. I wonder if they miss out on the playoffs by one game how they’ll look back at that decision.

Now, more than ever it should be clear, DeMarco Murray is the key to the Cowboys offense, it may have taken a week too long to figure out.

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