NFL Rumors: New York Jets' Starting Quarterback Job Now a Three-Horse Race?

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The New York Jets did something in Week 13 that it almost seemed like Rex Ryan would never do: they put a clipboard in the hands of Mark Sanchez, after their fourth-year starting quarterback laid yet another egg.

Despite many in recent weeks calling for Sanchez’s head in favor of Tim Tebow, Ryan had been steadfast in his opinion that Sanchez gives the Jets the best chance to win, week in and week out.

In Week 13, Tebow (above, right ) was inactive due to a rib injury, so it was third-stringer Greg McElroy (above, middle ) who relieved Sanchez. McElroy threw the eventual game-winning touchdown pass on his first drive.

It was an NFL debut to remember for McElroy, but he knows it doesn’t mean anything going forward.

“Nothing is ever guaranteed,” McElroy said. “Nothing’s ever for sure. There’s really no need to stress about the uncertain. We’ll just let it unfold.”

That “it” he’s referring to, of course, is the big elephant in the room. Who is going to be the Jets’ starting quarterback next week? (And for the rest of the season, for that matter?

Will it be Sanchez, even after being pulled midgame? Or Tebow, who has not gotten a shot with the Jets yet and arguably hasn’t done anything to earn one? Or McElroy, who managed the game perfectly in his debut?

“I think right now, I definitely need a little more time to make that decision,” Ryan said in his Monday presser.

“I’m comfortable and confident in all three quarterbacks,” he said. “I’ll make that decision as the week goes on.”

Ryan seemed to indicate that he and his staff will discuss the possibilities and make a decision by Wednesday at the latest. Your guess is as good as mine. It’s refreshing just to see them discussing it, honestly.

The Jets will be heading to Jacksonville next week, which is Tim Tebow’s home town. You can bet that won’t be lost on their fans. However, I think the choice will come down to Sanchez or McElroy. I’d like to see McElroy get a shot.

Tebow is not accurate enough of a passer to run a pro-style offense. While Sanchez has struggled, he’s still more accurate than Tebow. McElroy may give them the best chance to win simply because he’s careful with the football.

The Jets don’t need a quarterback to carry them, though it sure would be nice to find one after the season. Right now, what they need most is a guy who won’t make many mistakes. McElroy can do that. Is that so much to ask?


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