NFL Rumors: New York Jets To Start Greg McElroy On Sunday?

By Riley Schmitt
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Mark Sanchez era in New York is about to end. The latest NFL rumors have the New York Jets leaning towards starting Greg McElroy at quarterback on Sunday. That would probably spell the end for the Sanchize.

This move has been a long time coming.  Sanchez has been brutal this year and it was shocking that the team did not turn to Tim Tebow earlier in the year.  Then again, I think they waited until the week that Tebow was out before making a switch.  I do not think the Jets wanted to deal with that type of pressure.

McElroy has talent and he led the Jets to a win on Sunday.  That is something that the Jets can not say has happened a lot this year.  You have to keep playing the hot hand, especially when you are not going to make the playoffs this season.  Give the kid a chance and see what happens.  You already know what you are going to get if you throw Sanchez out there again.

If Rex Ryan decides to start McElroy, it is the right move.  Going back to Sanchez is a cop out and I think the team knows it.  Let a new era begin and they can finally move away from Sanchez.  If they decide that he is done, they will have to eat some money but it might be worth it.


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