Oakland Raiders receive middling grades

By Josh Walfish

The Oakland Raiders lost another heartbreaker on Sunday and the grades are out. As much as the Cleveland Browns played well, it was a bad day for numerous positions groups on the Raiders.

Quarterbacks- This was a good bounce back game for Carson Palmer, who threw for 351 yards and two touchdowns. He couldn’t have done a whole lot more except maybe complete some more passes. A-

Running Backs- It was an off day for the running back unit in terms of yardage. However, they did run for five yards per carry on very few carries.  B

Wide Receivers- There was at least one person who said Brandon Myers was going to have a great game and 14 catches for 130 yards counts in that category. The other receivers also had good games, something that is rare for the Oakland wideouts.  A-

Offensive Line- It was a good day for Oakland on the ground and Palmer didn’t get knocked to the turf too often. It wasn’t an amazing game for the line, but it wasn’t mediocre. B

Defensive Line- The defensive line still needs a lot of help and it showed Sunday. The Browns ran for more than 120 yards and 4.1 yards per carry on the Raiders, which means there’s still room for improvement. C-

Linebackers- It was another weird game for the linebackers, who didn’t get a lot of tackles. Most of the tackles came from the secondary which means the linebackers were not doing their job well. C

Secondary- It was a tough day for the Oakland defensive backs, who gave up more than 360 yards passing. Brandon Weeden looked like an elite quarterback although he did throw two interceptions. D

Special Teams- It was a solid day for Shane Lechler in the punt game and Sebastian Janikowski missed his second field goal of the season when his 61-yard attempt to end the first half failed to split the uprights. You can’t blame him though for having to attempt such a long field goal especially when the chances of missing are high. A-

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