Seattle Seahawks' Playoff Hopes

By Jake Coburn


Seattle Seahawks - Marshawn Lynch
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

At the start of the season it was assumed that the San Francisco 49ers would take the NFC West with relative ease. Now, 13 weeks into the season the Seattle Seahawks have a chance to make it into the playoffs and not only through the wild card race but through the NFC West title.

Seattle is currently sitting on a 7-5 record with four games left in the season. Three out of four of these games the Seahawks will be playing at home with their crowd giving them the best advantage they can.

The Seahawks will host all three of their division rivals at home while going on the road to face the Buffalo Bills.

The Niners, who are still the favorite to win the division, have an 8-3-1 record after falling to the division rival St. Luis Rams on Sunday.

Seattle will have a huge task if they want to be able to get to the playoffs through the division title but it is very possible. With the Niners traveling to Seattle in week 16, the Seahawks will have a chance to split the season series with them and depending on how the rest of the games go, take the division.

The Seahawks will need some help from some other teams in beating the Niners, like the New England Patriots who face San Francisco in week 15, in order to get ahead in the division.

If everything falls correctly, Seattle could find themselves in control of the NFC West as they head into the postseason.

Though this would be the more impressive way to enter the playoffs, Seattle is in the unique position of getting to the postseason through their division and through the wild card race.

The Seahawks currently hold the second wild card spot and look like they will make it into the playoffs if players like Russell Wilson keep performing at the level they have been these last few weeks.

If Seattle continues to play well they will enter the playoffs on a hot streak and could do some damage if over looked.

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