The Michael Vick Era in Philadelphia Should End

By Andrew Fisher
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

After watching the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, I’m thoroughly convinced the Eagles should part ways with Michael Vick.

Yes, the Eagles came up short in the game, but the play from rookie quarterback Nick Foles was very encouraging. Does he still look green as heck? Sure, but it seems like solid potential is there with the 23 year-old. He went 22 for 34, for 251 yards and a touchdown against a very good Dallas secondary. Certainly not numbers that jump off the page, but still very solid numbers for a rookie playing on the road in only his third career start.

Foles made some very difficult throws, and showed great elusiveness in the pocket. Overall, I’ve been very impressed by the rookie.

So what does it all mean for Vick?

To me, it should mean the end of this tenure in Philly. It was a good story while it lasted, but it just seems like this would be a good place to end the relationship. The Eagles have a ton of issues right now, and it feels like the right time to repackage the entire team. That starts with dropping Andy Reid and Michael Vick, and maybe even LeSean McCoy (the way Bryce Brown is playing).

Philadelphia has a couple of potential young stars on display in Foles and Brown, and fans should be encouraged by what they’ve seen so far (minus Brown’s fumble issues). There could be a lot of value in dealing Vick and McCoy for draft picks and other young players to build around.

It’s clear that what the Eagles have been doing, isn’t working, and it’s time they scraped this current setup and tried something new. I don’t think it’s ‘blow it up’ situation, but a good overhaul of talent is definitely called for.

As for Vick, there will be plenty of teams around the league willing to give him another chance, and I think he’s deserving of at least one more run.

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