The Nick Foles Era Has Begun For Philadelphia Eagles

By Andy Schmidt
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have been in a tailspin during this 2012 season and now it has been announced that Nick Foles will be the starter the rest of the season over Michael Vick even after Vick recovers from his concussion. This is the right move to make in Philadelphia for their future to see what Foles can do instead of having Vick out there at all the rest of this season. The Eagles sunk a long while ago and it is a near certainty that Andy Reid will be shown the door when the season ends.

In all honesty, what can the Eagles really do anyway? They have lost Vick and LeSean McCoy to concussions this season and while Bryce Brown has been great in his two starts, the team needs McCoy back quickly. Brown is a fine replacement as many fantasy owners have come to find out but McCoy is still the leader of this team. It is time for a total rebuild for the Eagles and that means spending the last four weeks of the season with Foles at the helm and McCoy back in the next week or two.

Philadelphia will likely end up with a top-10 pick in the NFL draft next April and if the Eagles are smart, they will go out and get some offensive line help for this team to help Foles or whoever is the quarterback in 2013. Vick was a scrambler who got himself in more trouble than he really needed but any help they can get their quarterback would maybe get the Eagles back on track next season.

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