At 6-6, Dallas Cowboys Right Where We Thought They Would Be

By Ben Grimaldi
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Last week at this time Dallas Cowboys fans were wondering what had happened to their team. The season began with such promise and now they were just beaten by the Washington Redskins and were sitting at 5-6. It seemed all was lost.

Just a week later and the Cowboys appear to have new life after beating the Philadelphia Eagles for the second time this year and then watching the Redskins beat the New York Giants on Monday night. In the NFL, it’s amazing how fast things can turn around.

The Cowboys are sitting with a 6-6 record and despite all the highs and lows of the season so far, we may have forgetten this is probably where they belong. I’m not going to bore any of you with the Cowboys win-loss record for the past decade or so, that stat has been beaten into the ground. We all know the team has been average recently, and would you look at that, their record is proving it again this year.

I’m not saying the Dallas Cowboys can’t make a playoff run this season, they certainly have the ability to do so. What I am saying is despite all of Jerry Jones‘ hype and after the opening night win gave us all so much promise, the Dallas Cowboys record is what everyone thought it would be.

Before the season began, everyone threw out predictions of what the Cowboys record would be and most prognosticators had Dallas right around 8-8. There were a few people who went a few games in either direction but for the most part finishing at .500 was the consensus. I had them at 9-7 before the year began.

So why all the fuss about the state of the Cowboys when they were 5-6 and all the optimism now when they are 6-6? If we’ve learned anything about this Cowboys team in 2012, it’s that we can’t expect too much.

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, this Cowboys team is rebuilding and they aren’t done yet. Last year it was the defense and this year the offensive line and the depth of the team will get worked on. They couldn’t do it all in one off-season and the project is not done. Expect to see some changes this coming off-season and more upgrades to the offensive line.

Maybe we all saw the opening night win against the Giants and thought this year might be different. That thought should have gone out the window after a week 2 loss against the Seattle Seahawks. The Dallas Cowboys are inconsistent because they aren’t good enough right now, plain and simple.

So please let’s not get too high or too low on this Cowboys team in the next four weeks. They have the ability to make the playoffs and do well but they could also lose a couple of these games, we just don’t know which way it’ll turn out (although history tells us it’ll be 2-2).

What we do know is this, the Dallas Cowboys record is what most of us thought it would be and they still have chance to make the playoffs.

Remember that over the next four weeks and enjoy the ride.

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