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Brian Urlacher Injury Will End Chicago Bears Playoff Chances

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As the 2012 NFL season rolls towards its close, the Chicago Bears will have to play without their middle linebacker Brian Urlacher for the next three games after getting injured in overtime during Sunday’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The Bears are in some very serious trouble without Urlacher in the lineup and could now be in danger of missing the playoffs entirely. This is not the same defense without Urlacher and even though the team is 8-4 right now, it is very possible that the Bears finish 9-7 or 10-6 and end up on the outside looking in.

The schedule the rest of the season has the Bears playing at the Minnesota Vikings before a game with the Green Bay Packers which will likely determine the NFC North title. Chicago finishes with games at the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions. The only game that is really a guaranteed win for Chicago is in Arizona so that would be nine wins. I truly think the Bears lose the other three games and finish 9-7. I know Bears fans won’t like hearing that for sure but the glue of the defense is Urlacher and without him, things are just not the same.

I hope the Bears surprise me and can come up with that 10th win and can get into the playoffs as the No. 6 seed with odds of a third meeting with Green Bay being likely then. Urlacher should be back and if the Bears do make it in, they will be a tough out and could easily end up in the NFC Championship Game. I can’t see that happening though with Urlacher out most of the rest of the regular season.

Andy Schmidt is a columnist/writer for RantSports. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports or like his Facebook page.

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