Indianapolis Colts: Team and Fans Need to be Biggest Dallas Cowboys Fans

By Eric Smith
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously Indianapolis Colts fans will be cheering loud and proud for their team the rest of the season as they’re in the hunt for the playoffs this year. It’s surprising too many, as most had the Colts winning only three or four games this year. No one saw this eight win season coming, and with four weeks left they’re the front runner to earn one of the two wildcard spots in the AFC.

Those three spots are really down to three teams now. The Colts currently hold the fifth spot sitting 8-4, while the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals are both 7-5. The Steelers are currently in due to the tiebreaker with a victory in Cincinnati earlier in the season on Sunday Night Football.

What many may not notice is the Colts need to cheer very loud for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals this week and host the Steelers next week. If the Colts can beat the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, all they need left to clinch a playoff spot is a Cowboys win over both.

If Dallas can beat both it will drop both AFC North teams to 7-6 depending on what they do with their other opponent, the Colts will clinch one of the AFC Wildcard playoff spots. That’s not a tall task either as the Cowboys are playing at a high level and need to win to make their own NFC playoff push.

The reason why the Colts would clinch a playoff spot with two games left, is due to both teams playing each other in Week 16 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. One of them would drop to a seventh loss and be eliminated from playoff contention as the worst the Colts could be is 9-7 with a win this week against the Titans. The Colts hold the tiebreaker against both the Steelers and Bengals so it won’t matter if they tie.

You can be assured that Colts fans will have one eye on the game and the other on the scoreboard trying to keep up with the Cowboys game the next two weeks.

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