Jacksonville Jaguars Will Likely Avoid Tim Tebow Circus

By Joey Farbo
New York Jets Tim Tebow
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The national media has an unhealthy obsession with New York Jets backup quarterback/punt team specialist Tim Tebow.

Last week Tebow was inactive with banged up ribs and missed his chance to supplant the struggling Mark Sanchez in the starting lineup and third-stringer Greg McElroy led the Jets to a 7-6 win over the equally offensively challenged Arizona Cardinals.

Now, the Jets are preparing for a trip to Tebow’s hometown to play the Jacksonville Jaguars and Jets head coach Rex Ryan has a decision to make as to who his starting quarterback this week is going to be. The national media is drooling at the possibility of Tebow getting his first start in a Jets uniform in his hometown against a team that attempted to trade for his services this offseason.

The Tebow storyline is an annoying one for Jaguars fans, most of whom want nothing to do with the former Florida Gators quarterback. The national media continues to push this mythical notion that Tebow is the magical solution to the Jaguars ticket sales issues, but it simply is not true. Tebow came to Jacksonville for his first career NFL game with the Denver Broncos in 2010 and the Jaguars only sold 300 more tickets than their average for that season, hardly a significant bump in interest.

The Jaguars are playing into the myth by lifting the tarps in one section of the stadium for Sunday’s game, but it is not the first time this season they have taken the tarps off to meet demand. The Jaguars removed more tarps when the Chicago Bears came to town in Week 5, but nobody seems to mention that when they write their articles about how Tebow would be Jacksonville’s savior.

While there may be a small pro-Tebow crowd in attendance on Sunday, they will likely only get to see him wearing street clothes and carrying a clipboard. The Jets are reportedly leaning towards giving McElroy his first career NFL start on Sunday and making Tebow inactive for his second consecutive game.

So, the Jaguars and their fans will have to endure all of the Tebow questions this week, but will likely avoid the circus when it is time to play on Sunday.

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