Miami Dolphins Place Jake Long on Injured Reserve After Tearing Triceps

By Scott DelleFave
Long, Jake 1
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was just announced that Miami Dolphins star left tackle Jake Long was placed on season ending injured reserve after tearing his triceps muscle on Sunday versus the New England Patriots.

This is no walk in the park injury as it is extremely painful and surgery is nearly mandatory as these muscles won’t always heal on their own. The tricep muscles enable extension of the elbow, therefore a rupture or tear will prevent the arm from straightening completely.  It’s a freak injury that heavily impairs linemen on either side of the ball as they physically can’t lift their arm at all. Full recovery time is around two months.

Replacing Long at left tackle  is rookie right tackle Jonathan Martin who hasn’t played left tackle at all this year and replacing him could be Will Yeatman, as he is the only other offensive tackle on the Dolphins. Also with this season ending injury for Long, this could be the last time the Dolphins see him in their jersey as he is currently on track to be a unrestricted free agent and despite this injury, he will warrant a pretty penny to either keep him, but that’s just my take what do you all think? Let me know!

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