Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson Should Win NFL MVP Award

By Ben Grimaldi

We have just four weeks left in the NFL season and you know what that means; it’s time to start thinking about the awards for individual players. With that said, let the debates begin!

There are polls out there asking for your vote on every award and one of the most interesting votes to me is the one asking who is the Comeback Player of the Year, Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson?

I find that question very intriguing because not only do I think they both warrant consideration for that award but also because I believe they should both be considered for the NFL MVP award as well. In fact, my vote for that honor right now would go to Adrian Peterson.

Is anyone in the NFL having a better season than Peterson? The Minnesota Vikings running back has rushed for 1,446 yards and eight touchdowns so far this season, and he averages over 6.1 yards per carry. As of right now, Peterson is on pace to rush for 1,928 yards, which would be a new career high.

You want more evidence? How about this stat, if Peterson averages 138.5 yards rushing in the final four games of the season he’ll reach 2,000 yards! And all of this is being done when opposing defenses are stacking the box and trying to stop him. They know Christian Ponder is not going to beat them and they are challenging Peterson to do so, and he’s doing it!

The Vikings are 6-6 and in the hunt for a playoff berth only because of the freak known as Adrian Peterson. By the way, Peterson tore both his ACL and MCL in is left knee last December and he hasn’t missed a game! It’s usually a nine month process to get back on the field and even longer to get back to full speed, but not All Day Adrian. Nope, he was back in seven months and he hit the ground running.

There are always worthy candidates for the NFL MVP but I can’t put anyone ahead of Peterson. Matt Ryan has been great but his stats have come back down to earth, Aaron Rodgers has slowed, Calvin Johnson is a statistical monster but his team stinks and cases can be made for Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. However, Peterson is doing most of the damage for the Vikings with little help from anyone else. He’s been the best player in the NFL this season and the Vikings would be horrible without him.

My vote for NFL Most Valuable Player is Adrian Peterson.

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