NFL Week 13 Heroes And Goats

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Week 13 Heroes And Goats


Every week in the NFL there are heroes and goats, and this week is no different. Week 13 saw some amazing performances, as well as some absolute duds. In this new weekly segment I’m going to take you through the heroes of the NFL week that was, as well as the goats. There are criteria for the weekly winners and just because you threw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns doesn’t necessarily land you on this list. Of you put up great numbers and you blow the game for your team, you could be a goat. It also works vice versa, it you stink it up all day but make the big plays at the end to win the game, you could wind up being a hero! We don’t know who it’s going to be from week to week; sometimes it’ll be obvious who it’ll be, other times you may be surprised.

This is the NFL where things can change pretty quickly and going from hero to goat may not take much but landing on this list will either be the worst thing that you want to happen or the best thing that ever happened! You could also be a hero one week, only to find yourself the goat the next because this list does not play favorites or look into the future; it’s all about what happened this week in the NFL. So who made this week’s list of heroes and goats? The only way to know is to click here.

Week 13 Heroes and Goats:

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5. Goat: Mark Sanchez


How many times is Mark Sanchez going to end up on this list? He was pulled from the game at halftime because he had thrown three interceptions and led the Jets to zero points. His backup got the winning touchdown with him on the bench. Holding a clipboard rarely makes you a hero.

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4. Goat: Ryan Lindley


On the flip side, Ryan Lindley continued the trend of Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks embarrassing themselves. Lindley threw for 72 yards on 31 attempts, including an interception in the loss to the Jets. Larry Fitzgerald told reporters after the game he has to laugh, or he’d be crying. Not good.

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3. Goat: Bears Defense

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY SPORTS

The Chicago Bears defense has been one of the best in the league this year but with the game on the line against a rookie quarterback, they gave up the lead in the last few seconds. Then they lost the game on the first possession of overtime. Not a great game for the Bears defense and they end up here.

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2. Goat: David Akers


David Akers missed an attempt at a game winning FG the first game against the St. Louis Rams and he did it again this week. He missed a 51-yd FG in perfect conditions and it allowed the Rams to win the game. Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick could also land here for that ridiculous option call late in the 4th quarter but Akers had the game on his foot.

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1. Goat: Drew Brees

John David Mercer-USA TODAY SPORTS

Drew Brees threw five interceptions in an important game against their NFC South rivals. The Saints are now on the outside of the playoff picture and it doesn’t look good. His streak of throwing a touchdown pass also ended at a record 54 games. Not a great week for Brees, a hero turned goat.

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5. Hero: Andrew Luck


Andrew Luck brought his team back after being down 12 points late in the 4th quarter against the Lions. He showed great poise and made all the right decisions down the stretch. It was a huge win for a team that now controls its playoff destiny.

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4. Hero: Russell Wilson

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY SPORTS

Russell Wilson brought the Seattle Seahawks back to a victory over the Chicago Bears, on the road, down late in the 4th quarter. The he won it in overtime against one of the best defenses in the NFL. That makes him a hero.

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3. Hero: Tony Romo


Tony Romo’s near flawless performance against the Eagles this week lands him on the hero list. He was a perfect 10-10 in the second half, which included 2 touchdowns. His QB rating was a smooth 150.5 and he led the Cowboys to an important win to keep them in the playoff race.

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2. Hero: Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson is an absolute freak! This guy does it week in and week out, he puts the Minnesota Vikings on his shoulders and carries the team. He’d take the top spot if the Vikes had pulled out a win but 210 yards rushing puts him at number 2. He’s on pace to break 2,000 yards rushing. And all this after having his knee torn in late December last year. Impressive!

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1. Hero: Greg Zuerlein


It’s hard to put a kicker in the top spot but Greg Zuerlein did nail two huge field goals to give the Rams a big win over the 49ers. And neither of them were chip shots, he made the tying kick from 53-yards out and the winning field goal from 54-yards.Zuerlein tied and won the game for his team, that makes him hero number 1!