San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s Birth Mother Wants To Connect

By Dave Daniels

Heidi Russo is a 44 year-old nurse from a Denver suburb. She is also Colin Kaepernick’s birth mother. She first went and saw her son play in 2010 when his University of Nevada team played at Colorado State.

“I kept looking at him, thinking our eyes might meet. He might finally see me,” Russo said. “I kept thinking it happened, but he never came to see me after the game.”

Russo is clearly happy to see the success her son has had in recent weeks when he was promoted to starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. It must also be painful for her to see his life when she has not had a large part in it.

“I watch him now and I see how happy he is and I’m thrilled for him,” said Russo, who said “I have to respect” his decision not to meet.

The 49ers will be going into the playoffs this year and they hope to make it one step further than the NFC championship game this year.

“You can see that everything he wants and everything he has worked for is coming together,” she said. “That’s something that any parent would be happy to see for their child.”

Russo could not have asked for better adoptive parents than Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. She knew they were the right people immediately. The Kaepernicks have said in the past they are supportive of whatever their son wishes to do. At the same time, the whole family has always been uncomfortable with the term “adoptive” parents. Colin declined to be interviewed about this topic through his agent.

When asked what if her son never wished to see her, Russo responded:

“Yes, there’s always that, but I just stay positive for him. That’s what is important. That’s what you’re supposed to do as a parent.”

Here’s hoping that Russo keeps her distance until her son is ready. Then when the time comes, it will be right.

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