Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III Ran Same Play Three Times to Finish Off New York Giants

By Dave Daniels

The days since Mike Shanahan said the Washington Redskins were in talent evaluation mode after going 3-6 through their first nine games are long past.

The Redskins have won three games in a row since that time against all three NFC East neighbors. Robert Griffin III has had the Redskins riding high behind a perfect passer rating game against the Philadelphia Eagles, a Thanksgiving Day first half beat down on the Dallas Cowboys, and a thrilling Monday Night Football 4th quarter comeback over the New York Giants.

They have done this behind the electric rushing attack of Alfred Morris and Griffin. Griffin surpassed Cam Newton’s rookie rushing yards record against the Giants and he should pad that record quite a bit more before the season is over. The Redskins now lead the lead in rushing overall thanks to the two-headed monster of Griffin and Morris.

The Redskins rush is so effective that they finished off the game by running the same play three times in a row.

“I told them to go finish it with that last run that Alfred [Morris] had,” Griffin III explained. “We ran basically the same play three times in a row, and it was up to those guys to make a play.”

That is a true rushing game; when the opponent knows what you are going to do and they are powerless to stop it. All this talk about rushing is not even to mention the way that the Redskins’ running game sets up their pass. Griffin is 2nd in the NFL in yards per attempt, 3rd in passer rating, and 6th in completion percentage; this is all because of the threat of play action. I’ve gotten into the habit of getting excited every time they run play-action, because it usually means somebody is wide open.

Just know the Redskins know they have to keep this streak going to have a hope of making the playoffs. Many of the players and coaches have said that their backs have been against the wall for the last three weeks and it doesn’t change next week. When watching the ending game live however, the camera panned to London Fletcher who appeared to be yelling “We’re going all the way! We’re going all the way!”

Now I’m no lip reader, but you can see on the field how the Redskins have bought into their young quarterback and with the Redskins playing their best football of the year near the end of the year for once, the excitement level in DC will keep rising until this winning streak ends. Robert Griffin III sure doesn’t want to see the excitement die down just yet.

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