Young Washington Redskins Climbing Ladder in NFC East

By Craig Ballard
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The Washington Redskins are an organization that has struggled for a few decades now, especially within their division. In 2008 the Redskins were the #10 seed in the NFC. That went to #13, then #14, and last season #13. Brighter days are surely ahead for this organization. The ‘Skins are now 3-1 in the division in 2012, so perhaps the future may even be now.

In the past 20 years Washington has won the NFC East title just once (1999). Since 2000 the Redskins are at zero division titles, while the Dallas Cowboys have one, and the New York Giants have 4.  The Philadelphia Eagles have topped the NFC East a whopping 7 times in the 2000’s.

The team put Mike Shanahan in charge in 2010. They went 6-10 that season, and just 5-11 last season, but they do have their arrow pointed UP. The offense in particular has a massive upside going forward. Rookie Robert Griffin III looks awesome, and rookie Alfred Morris looks great too. The top WR is Pierre Garcon and he is just 26, and even their TE Fred Davis is only 26. These guys are positioned to be major players in this division for years to come.

The key to any turnaround for Washington has to be their play vs their division rivals. In the 2000’s they are a putrid 23-49 vs the division. That averages 2-4 each season which is not going to cut it. They will be 3-3 at worst this season.

RG III and Morris have already shown that they can play well vs their NFC East foes.

The Redskins have one game left at Philly and also their final game of the 2012 season is at home vs the Cowboys. So far here is how their young stars are doing vs the NFC East:

RG III 19 for 27 for 304 yards with four touchdowns and just one interception vs the Cowboys. Against the Eagles he went 14 for 15 for 200 yards, plus four touchdowns and zero interceptions. He also rushed a dozen times for 84 yards vs Philly.

Morris went for 113 rushing yards (4.7 yards per carry) and a touchdown vs the Cowboys. He also had 76 yards (3.8 yards per carry) vs Philly.

In their 2 games vs the Giants these rookies performed very well also. RG III combined to go 33 for 49 (67% completion rate) with three touchdowns and one interception, while Morris combined for 44 carries and 244 yards (5.5 yards per carry) .

That puts RG III at 11 pass touchdowns vs just two interceptions vs division foes, and we see Morris at 433 rush yards in 88 attempts which is a gaudy 4.9 yards per carry vs the division. No wonder this team is finally threatening to win the NFC East.

Their play in the division has lifted the Redskins allll the way up to the #7 seed in the NFC. One game back for the division, and one game back for the wild-card. Going in to their BYE week the Redskins were 3-6 and Shanahan had publicly written off the playoffs. Now they are in the thick of things , big-time.

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