A Message for Denver Broncos Fans

By Joe Morrone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos back in March, the talk has been about how it was going to take time for Manning to gel with his new teammates. It also took some time for his teammates to adjust to Manning and, while that process is still taking place, the results speak for themselves. The one area that no one thought about was that the fans would need some time to adjust to Manning.

During the win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday, Manning was trying to lead the Broncos on a fourth quarter drive to put the game away and at one point he was trying to get the fans to be quiet. As most people know, Manning is the master of the no-huddle offense, but that is more effective when the environment is as quiet as it can be. Obviously the Broncos cannot expect silence on the road, but Manning demands it when the Broncos are at home. In that spirit, here’s some advice for Bronco fans who attend the games.

When the Broncos have the football and the master is at work, be quiet. It’s not difficult to figure out. Manning loves to be audible and call plays at the line of scrimmage after reading the defense, so the fans can help by simply not making any noise. Save all of your yelling for that touchdown pass from Manning to Demaryius Thomas.

The wave needs to stop. It was outdated 15 years ago, but if you must do it, then don’t do it while the Broncos are on offense. Save that, as well as the screaming, for when the other team is on offense. In short, just remember these two things if you go to a Broncos game. When the Broncos are on offense, sit quietly and enjoy the show. When the Broncos are on defense, yell, scream, do the wave if you must and just make as much noise as possible.

As Mark Kizla of the Denver Post points out, this is Peyton’s place and house rules must be followed.

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