Arizona Cardinals will Start QB John Skelton on Sunday

By Kase Brammer
John skelton Arizona Cardinals
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Good news for Seattle Seahawks fans, the Arizona Cardinals will start John Skelton at quarterback on Sunday. This is the third time the Cardinals have announced that Skelton will start again. At this point, the decision does not matter. The Cardinals season is done and they are just waiting for QB Kevin Kolb to get healthy enough to play. It won’t be this week, but it could be the one after.

QB Ryan Lindley was terrible in a 7-6 loss against the New York Jets. He went just 10 for 31 for 72 yards. His quarterback rating is a sweet 40.4. Skelton is not much better coming in at a little less than an almost respectable 64.4. The quarterback situation is in Arizona is the worst I have seen in a long time. It rivals other Arizona teams before Kurt Warner stepped in and decided to be a boss.

Cardinals fans need to stay as positive as possible. The Seahawks still start a rookie quarterback and Arizona has been responsible for eleven turnovers in three weeks. QB Russell Wilson has not thrown an interception in a few weeks, but he is a rookie, so you know at least one more is coming this season. Who knows it could be against the Cardinals.

The Cardinals need a change, but this is not the right one. They need to stick with Lindley and give him as many looks as possible in a broken season. Skelton is not going to win against the Seahawks. Cardinals’ fans are just hoping he doesn’t lose.

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