Bob Costas Is New Poster Boy For Gun Control

By Harry Dole


NBC Broadcaster Bob Costas
NBC Broadcaster Bob Costas plotting his lastest hairbrained idea: gun control.


NBC Sports journalist Bob Costas is renowned for his knowledge of the Olympic Games, something which he obviously prides himself on.  Who knew that Costas’ knowledge of guns goes further than the sound of a starter’s pistol at an Olympic track and field event?  After all, Costas is not exactly a guy who fits the Ted Nugent hunter prototype.

After his 90 second hairbrained recital which included a portion of Jason Whitlock’s article relating to the murder-suicide by Kansas City Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher, it was Costas who was left backtracking after his little halftime gun control hunting expedition on the Sunday Night Football telecast.

Costas ended his “borrowed” lecture to the American public about the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by quoting Whitlock with, “What I believe is, if he (Belcher) didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”  Yeah, sure.

And if former Australian Olympian sprinter Daniel Batman did not own an automobile, he too would be alive today.  Batman perished in June of 2012 when the vehicle he was driving flipped over.  Considering Costas’ extensive Olympic knowledge, why hasn’t he come out advocating the banning of automobiles as well, since they kill even more people than guns?

Do Costas and Whitlock really believe that a massive NFL linebacker could not have used his bare hands to murder his diminutive girlfriend if he did not have a gun handy?  What kind of culture are these pseudo-journalists residing in to actually believe that Belcher could have committed this monstrosity only with the use of a firearm?  Last time I checked a history book, human beings have had consistent outbursts of violence toward eachother well before the invention of guns.

After Costas’ copycat commentary received some backlash, he used the excuse of not having enough time to explain his position.  Oh really?  He did not have enough time to write his own original commentary for a short 90 second segment, so he had to reiterate Whitlock’s drivel word for word?  What kind of journalist has to resort to quoting the exact thoughts of another writer to make his point?  Obviously, one who has no thoughts of his own.

No matter which side of the fence one falls on with regards to gun control, Costas’ little halftime puppet show was just downright repugnant.  Why was Costas even doing this commentary live?  NBC could have saved a few bucks and used one of those computer animations of Costas stating word for word the garbage that Whitlock wrote.  I guess since recycling trash is all the rage these days, Costas preferred to do it himself and receive the credit for his social and environmental awareness.

Since it is three and one half years until the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it looks like we will be seeing more of Bob Costas the social advocate shilling for divisive political causes.  Maybe NBC Sports and C-SPAN can work out a trade for Costas, since he appears to be the next up and coming superstar political pundit.

There must be somebody over there at C-SPAN who knows as little about sports as Costas knows about gun control.  If not, I am sure a shotgun wedding between Costas and MSNBC can be arranged by parent company NBCUniversal until Rio 2016 rolls around.

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