Cleveland Browns: Road Tested

By Ryan Ruiz


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Last night, the Travel Channel premiered “NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns“. This was music to Browns fans’ ears as the show condenses one week of preparation that goes on in the historic franchise. Is there really a reality show about the Browns? How awesome is that?!

From inside the locker room to inside the scoreboard control center, the show give fans an inside look at everything. Produced by Dee Haslam (Jimmy Haslam‘s wife) of RIVR Media and shot by NFL Films, the half hour show follows a day by day schedule. Haslam himself called it a “toned down version of Hard Knocks”.

For the football fan, the program is an educating one, too. Did you you that each team brings their own footballs to the use during the game? Did you know that it takes fifteen minutes to scuff and get each football ready for use? Or how about the fact that Browns’ veteran and Pro Bowl deserving kicker Phil Dawson brings thirteen pairs of cleats to each game? It’s the little things like these that make the show very interesting.

While the show provides much behind-the-scenes footage, part of it focuses much on the new owner, Jimmy Haslam. The Tennessee native wants nothing more than to turn this franchise in the right direction and win. Haslam has already won some of Clevelanders’ heart and it is obvious he wears his own heart on his sleeve. Watching the show last night was refreshing to see that we actually have an owner that cares as much as the fans now.

This is a must watch reality television show if you are a Browns fan. The show is on at 10:00 PM EST on Tuesdays on The Travel Channel.

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