Houston Texans: Andre Johnson Spends Almost $20,000 For Charity

By Adam Pfeifer
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports


Texans All- Pro wideout Andre Johnson makes a living receiving.

However, he sure has been doing his fair share of giving lately.

Johnson hosted his annual Toys “R” Us shopping spree on Tuesday. Twelve children from Child Protective Services were given 80 seconds to fill their carts with as many toys as possibly, all compliments of the Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation. At the end of the minute and twenty seconds, the total bill came to a whopping $19,521. It’s safe to say that the receipt was about a mile long.

The shopping spree allows the children to smile and forget about their hard times for a little while. These children have been scarred for life by parental abuse in some way.

Johnson’s charity hosts multiple events for children living in the Houston area as well as Miami (Johnson’s hometown). However, to Johnson, this event holds a special place in his heart among the others.

“I think it’s probably the best one because you get to see the kids really enjoy it,” Johnson said. “That’s what this season is about. It’s something I look forward to. The kids are happy, they get what they want for Christmas, and that’s all that matters.

Johnson can somewhat relate to these kids and stresses the importance of having goals.

“A lot of these kids get discouraged because of where they grew up and things like that. I grew up in a single-parent home and I was fortunate enough to achieve my goals. So, whatever goals you have, just keep them out in front of you, don’t let anybody distract you away from them, because there will be distractions that try to detour you away from your goals. That’s the biggest thing.”

Well done Mr. Johnson, well done indeed.

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