New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan Sticking With Mark Sanchez as His Starter, For Now

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It appears that after careful deliberation with his coaching staff and the front office, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has decided to stick with Mark Sanchez as his starting quarterback for the Jets’ Week 14 game.

Ryan met with Sanchez, Greg McElroy and Tim Tebow Wednesday morning to inform them of his decision, and it will be the 25-year-old Sanchez who will retain his starting role, at least for one more week.

Sanchez was pulled from the Jets’ Week 13 game in favor of McElroy, a second-year pro who had never taken an NFL snap until he was summoned into the game. In fact, it was the first time McElroy was even activated.

McElroy may have a chance to come in the game as a reliever again, if needed, this week. This might be the last straw for the man once dubbed the “Sanchize,” who has been trending the wrong way the last few years.

Ryan has always been fiercely loyal to Sanchez. They both joined the Jets in 2009, a rookie head coach and rookie quarterback. But since the end of the 2010 season, Sanchez’s development has plateaued, and arguably regressed.

Last week, enough was enough, and Ryan played the one card he never had before. He pulled Sanchez midgame, from a winnable game no less, because of Sanchez’s ineffectiveness. McElroy helped secure a Jets victory.

So where does this leave McElroy and Tebow now? I imagine McElroy will be active for the second week in a row, ready to put out the fire if needed. It’s still a question if Tebow suits up at all, be it due to injury or coach’s decision.

The Jets may have overplayed their hand when they brought in Tebow, and it doesn’t seem like it’s had the desired affect on their starting quarterback, just the expected one. But Rex Ryan isn’t ready to give up on Mark Sanchez.

At least, not yet.

The leash may be as tight as it’s ever been for the fourth-year quarterback, but he’s still the lead dog. For now.


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