The New York Jets Should Play Tim Tebow

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets need to stop messing around and hand the season over to Tim Tebow. It is not like current starter Mark Sanchez is getting the job done, and with the Jets playoff hopes becoming slimmer and slimmer, it seems like the time is right to let things ride with Tebow.

At this point, it seems that divine intervention will play as much of a role on the Jets future as anything else. They’ve seen and have been disappointed by what Sanchez can do, so why not give the reigns to Tebow and see if he can produce some of the same magical results he did last season with the Denver Broncos? Head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum may be on their way out, so it is time for drastic measures. Tebow will keep the media, fans and perhaps a higher power interested in the Jets. While I do not share Tebow’s religious convictions, it might be worth a shot for the Jets to have a little faith.

I am not sure what Tebow’s future will hold, but it most-likely won’t be with the Jets. Just like the Broncos did last season, they owe it to themselves to ride the Tebow bandwagon. The Broncos came back from the dead and actually won a playoff game with Tebow under center. If the Jets featured Aaron Rodgers, obviously this would be a bad idea. But Tebow’s time has come. He deserves a shot.

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