Broncos vs. Raiders NFL Week 14 Preview

Kirby Lee – US Presswire

The Denver Broncos will travel to the Oakland Raiders Black Hole on Thursday night to face an always tough divisional opponent. The Broncos are 9-3 and the Raiders are 3-9, but records never seem to matter much in this rivalry.

The Raiders have a speedy passing attack and QB Carson Palmer will look to hit the big play downfield early and often. If the Raiders are going to have a chance to win they will have to control the clock, establish a decent run game and hit the big pass plays when the Broncos’ secondary gives them the opportunities.

The problem is Broncos LB Von Miller.

If the Raiders do establish a run game that creates the opportunity for receivers to get open down the field, there’s a good chance that Miller will be all over Palmer by then. Plus, getting into too much of a run and gun game against Broncos QB Peyton Manning is never a good idea.

The Raiders’ keys to success are to establish a run game, hit the big pass plays when given the opportunity and try to keep Miller out of their backfield on every snap.

Denver must play Manning football on offense and get all over Palmer as fast as possible on defense. Neither of these plans should be any problem for the surging Broncos.

My predictions: Broncos 34, Raiders 13


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