Cincinnati Bengals Cornerback Adam Jones Still Lives On Denial Street

By Ben Grimaldi
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

For the most part there has been no bad blood between the former Dallas Cowboys players and coaches leading up to the game this weekend. However, leave it to Cincinnati Bengals corner Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones to come along and say something ridiculous.

Yes, I know he no longer wants to be called ‘Pacman’ but it’s a moniker that will likely never go away. Especially not when he continues to show that he hasn’t grown up.

While Jones insists there is no bad blood with the Cowboys or with owner Jerry Jones, he did feel the need to drop this line in about his former team, “I was horrible in Dallas and the coaching was horrible, too; from the top down.”

Jones is trying to be slick here, while does admit he didn’t play well in a Cowboys uniform, he tries to blame it on someone else. Actually he tries to blame a group of people, the Dallas coaching staff. Spoken like a person who’s in denial on how he played, and when Jones blames others for his mistakes, it proves that he still hasn’t grown up.

You mean to tell me that Wade Phillips, the Cowboys head coach at the time, and one of the better defensive coordinators in NFL history is to blame? Or maybe he’s claiming Dave Campo, his secondary coach and someone with 22 years of defensive coaching experience, is to blame for his poor performance? The Dallas defensive coordinator during Jones’ year there was Brian Stewart, so maybe Pacman can blame him too.

The bottom line is that Jones didn’t play well in his one season with the Cowboys and he wants to blame others for his play. Sure, he tries to make it appear as though he accepts the way he played, but only because of the coaching he received.

Adam Jones may have left the ‘Pacman’ in Dallas but his denial goes with him wherever he goes.

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