Despite Record, Tony Romo Gets No Respect

By Jesus Flores
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday night, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo became the franchise’s all-time touchdown leader when he tossed his 166th career touchdown.

However, Romo isn’t getting the recognition from the media or the fans that he rightfully deserves.

Why is that?

Is it because Romo went undrafted out of Eastern Illinois in 2003?  Is it because he’s surpassed everyone’s expectations of what an undrafted free agent quarterback is supposed to do in the NFL?  Is it because like playing center field for the New York Yankees, he’s always going to be compared to those before him?

Why is it that Romo’s accomplishments get very little, to no recognition at all?

We’re talking about a guy who has a career 95.8 passer rating, which is good enough to rank him fourth all-time and has him in a tie with Hall of Famer Steve Young.

I’ve heard his critics say that he doesn’t have the “it factor.”  That’s funny because in 2006 when he took over for Drew Bledsoe, the media couldn’t get enough of him.  Experts everywhere wondered how this kid went undrafted.  Fans started jumping on the bandwagon as if it were the thing to do.

Honestly, I feel it’s the fans and media that jumped on the bandwagon once he took over at quarterback that are his biggest critics.  Did we forget that Romo single-handedly resurrected this franchise out of the disaster it had been since Troy Aikmanretired?

So, I ask again why doesn’t Romo get the recognition he deserves?

Go ahead and tell me that he doesn’t have a championship because if that’s the case, neither do Jason Witten or DeMarcus Ware, yet their accomplishments get glorified.

I’m not saying you have to love the guy, but appreciate what he’s done.  Maybe, this is just a case of not knowing what we’ve got ‘till it’s gone.

Jesus Flores is a Dallas Cowboys writer for  Follow him on Twitter @SSgtFlo1

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