Dunkin Donuts Has a New Franchise: Colt McCoy

By Kris Hughes


Cleveland Browns back-up quarterback Colt McCoy has had a rough go of it in the NFL, getting drafted then immediately passed-by in favor of former Oklahoma State Cowboys signal caller Brandon Weeden, but he’s not letting it affect his life away from football.

According to a few reports, McCoy is a founding partner of Coffee Action West LLC, an investment group that will open a total of 24 Dunkin Donuts franchises in Central Texas and the Austin-area. A few existing stores are also being absorbed by the LLC, as McCoy has partnered with two other individuals with small restaurant experience and financial experience in what promises to be a very profitable venture.

Franchises are a great way to invest capital if it is there to be invested given the relatively low man hours it requires of the investor and the return that can be generated if the product is delivered with consistency and efficiency.

Colt McCoy certainly knows plenty about both– in spite of the fact he hasn’t been given a true opportunity, apart from his rookie season, to show that he can be an effective NFL quarterback.

While I’m not suggesting that McCoy sees the writing on the wall that his NFL career may be short-lived, I am impressed with the fact he’s already making moves to ensure his long-term financial sustainability when he does walk away from the professional game. There are so many talented players out there who think that their pro careers will last forever, and accordingly pay no mind to what will happen to them when they hang up the cleats.

For Colt McCoy, this is the best of both worlds. He’s a Texan at heart, and will almost certainly land again someday in Central Texas. Why wouldn’t you return to a place where you’re a living legend?

In making his footprint in business in this part of the Lone Star State, he ensures this move will be nice and easy, when the time comes.

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