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5 Reasons Why the Arizona Cardinals Should Fire Ken Whisenhunt

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The Arizona Cardinals need to Fire Ken Whisenhunt


What makes a good coach? Is it a person that can lead their team through adversity? Build a team? Winning? In my opinion, it depends on the shape the team was in when the coach was hired. Well, when Ken Whisenhunt was hired by the Arizona Cardinals the offense was in shambles and the defense needed some work. Overall the status of the team was not great. The season is coming to a close and the Cardinals need to make a decision for the future of the this team.

First off, Cardinals' should not be mad at Whisenhunt. The organization has failed time and time again to draft, sign or trade for a quarterback that can succeed in an NFL environment. Yes, Kurt Warner is the exception, but he is not the rule. I believe QB Kevin Kolb is good, but his injuries are something the team cannot rely on. Beyond those two, is there really anybody else? In the past ten seasons the Cardinals have only had one quarterback start all 16 games. Through all of this, somehow the Cardinals were able to make it to a Super Bowl under Whisenhunt.

He is perhaps the greatest coach in franchise history (at least since they moved to Arizona), but when something is not working, an organization cannot sit on it and hope the future gets better. The NFL is a win right now league. The Cardinals have a loyal following down in the desert, but can they really handle another decade long rebuilding project? That fans need something to be excited about again.

They are running on fumes from their last Super Bowl appearance. So, I ask the Cardinals to give the fans something. Right now that something is firing Whisenhunt. Here are five reasons the Cardinals should fire their head coach, enjoy.

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The Cardinals Offense is Terrible


The Cardinals are dead last in the league in offensive production. They average less than 280 yards per game in total offense and have scored the fewest amount of points in the league. What does that mean? First, the Cardinals have been decimated by injuries this year. That is just bad luck, but it is also on the coaching staff. That means Whisenhunt should not be the only person to go. Offensive Coordinator Mike Miller is terrible and he will be out the door before the head coach. It is the failure to make the right adjustments that loses Whisenhunt his job.

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The Quarterback Situation


The top two quarterbacks have gone down do to injury at one point or another in this season. Losing Kolb was the back breaker. It's not that the quarterbacks have been injured though. It's how Whisenhunt made the decisions about the quarterback all season. First, starting John Skelton in week one was a mistake that should have never been made. You can say Kolb lost his job because his teammates didn't believe in him, but the fact is, he is a guy that does not need their support.

What gets me his his decision to go with QB Ryan Lindley over Skelton with the lead in Atlanta. Skelton was terrible, but Lindley turned out to be worse. The Cardinals lost to the St. Louis Rams and New York Jets specifically because he could not get the job done. Now, the decision to go back to Skelton is going to go one of two ways. Lindley is going to get motivated and comeback next season better than ever, or the decision is going to shatter his confidence and he will never start another NFL game. Either way the season is over for the Cardinals and once the change was made they needed to play it out.

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The Cardinals defense is Incredible


The Cardinals defense has shown flashes of greatness over this season. They have also been hit with injuries, but they have been able to make the proper adjustments and really have not skipped a beat. Whisenhunt deserves credit for that. However, this defense is too good to allow this offense to be so bad. The Cardinals sat on the trade deadline. Whisenhunt should have been up in the front office's faces trying to get an offensive player. He may have been, but it didn't work and a great head coach would have gotten the job done. Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton might be the next head coach, but I don't think that is the best option. The entire organization let the defense down. It's not what Whisenhunt is doing, it's what he could be doing that will get him canned.

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There are Better Options Out There

Jon Gruden

The fact is there are better options on the table. Jon Gruden has been talking with a number of NFL teams. He is not the realistic choice. He will be way too expensive, but you get what you pay for. The Cardinals could go a different route and hire Andy Reid as an offensive coordinator and let Whisenhunt keep his job for one more season. The important thing is Miller gets fired. The Cardinals have been in talks with DC Horton. Like I said I don't think this is the best option, but it is still a possibility.

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The Losing Streaks


The Cardinals are in the middle of their worst losing streak since 2006. The Cardinals have lost eight games in a row and they will travel to play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, so that will be nine. The Cardinals have lost five games in a row in each of the past three seasons. These losing streaks are not something a coach can be proud of. Whisenhunt has struggled to stop the bleeding for three years now. The Cardinals need to stop the bleeding by firing their head coach.