For Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant, Second Half Is Now Better Half

By Ben Grimaldi
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Remember last year when all the talk was about Dez Bryant disappearing in the second halves of games for the Dallas Cowboys? We were told it was his lack of conditioning and his injuries wearing him down over the course of a game. Those were the culprits of his declining statistics in the second half.

Well guess what, that was last year and this is a whole new year for Bryant. This season Dez Bryant has been much better in the second half; actually he’s been pretty dominant, especially in the past few games.

This season, in the first half of games, Bryant has 23 catches for 355 yards and zero touchdowns. In the second halves, Bryant has 43 catches for 602 yards and all eight touchdowns. It’s fair to say Bryant is doing most of his damage in the second half of games. The conditioning issues and excuses of last season are gone and we are seeing a different Dez Bryant.

It gets even better though, in the past four games, where the Cowboys have a record of 3-1, Bryant has been nothing short of spectacular in second halves. In those games, Bryant has amassed 367 yards and six touchdowns in the second halves.

It helps his case that the Cowboys have been trailing in every one of those games and the team needed to pass to get back into it but it doesn’t change the fact that Dez Bryant is stepping up for the offense. Think about this, if Tony Romo couldn’t count on Bryant late in these games, who would be his go to receiver?

You can make a case for Jason Witten but he doesn’t create the explosive plays that Bryant does. He couldn’t have gone 85-yards for a touchdown like Bryant did on Thanksgiving. In those types of situations, you need to score fast and Bryant is the Cowboys most explosive player.

Miles Austin’s had a nice season but he hasn’t had the impact of Bryant either. It’s clear; the receiver the Cowboys have been counting on in the passing game down the stretch is Dez Bryant.

Now it shouldn’t be taking the Cowboys and Tony Romo so long to be getting him involved in the offense but it’s evident the trust between the Romo and Bryant has grown. Getting Bryant, Dallas’ best receiver, involved in the game earlier would be a big step in preventing the Cowboys from falling behind early in games. As I mentioned earlier this week, the Cowboys seem to lack urgency until their backs are against the wall, so why not get your most energetic player involved early to give your team a spark?

Whatever it is the Cowboys are doing in the second halves of games to get Bryant involved, they need to do in the first half as well. Let’s put Dez to good use for a full game!

Times have changed for Dez Bryant, he used to struggle in the second halves of games, now he thrives in them.

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