Jason Pierre-Paul: Brees Much Easier To Defend

By Andrew Lecointe
Brad Penner — US Presswire

The New York Giants have not stopped their compliments of Washington Redskins’ QB Robert Griffin III, even a couple of days after the completion of the game. DE Jason Pierre-Paul stated that playing against the New Orleans Saints and QB Drew Brees will be much easier to defend. I’m not sure the numbers back that up.

Brees has faced the Giants four times in his career. The first one came as a member of the San Diego Chargers, and the last three came with the Saints. Brees is 4-0 against the Giants, and in their past two meetings, both at the Mercedes Benz Superdome, the Saints hung up 49 points and 48 points respectively.

How is Brees much easier to defend then? Pierre-Paul and the rest of the Giants’ defense seem relieved they don’t have to face Griffin III and the Redskins’ unpredictable offense again in the regular season. The Saints run a traditional offense, as do every team in the league probably except the Redskins.

While Griffin III has the speed to add to his skills, Brees is no slouch. Brees is a lock to be in the Hall of Fame, and Brees finds ways to score points on the Giants no matter how they come. This Sunday’s game will be tough mainly because of Brees. This will not be much easier to defend.

The Giants shouldn’t worry about the last game. It’s already in the bag. Stop giving Griffin III anymore credit than he needs. The Giants need to begin to worry about the task in front of them. As coach Tom Coughlin put it, the Giants have to win out.

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