Joe Vitt: "Eli Is Rare Man"

By Andrew Lecointe
Evan Habeeb — US Presswire

The New Orleans Saints will lock horns with the New York Giants this Sunday, and it appears the Saints are giving the Giants all the credit and respect leading up to the game. Saints’ interim head coach Joe Vitt and Saints’ QB Drew Brees spoke about their opponent, and spoke glowingly of them.

“I don’t know of any quarterback right now who is as accurate as he is,” Vitt said of Giants’ QB Eli Manning. “Eli is rare, man.” Brees said Manning is one of his favorites to watch around the league. “What’s been so impressive about Eli is the minute someone sells him short or says he’s not elite he finds a way to prove them wrong,” Brees told reporters.

At least these compliments aren’t coming from the players on defense. Manning and Brees are both Super Bowl winning quarterbacks with Super Bowl MVPs. There is a respect level from that standpoint, in addition to Manning’s connection to the city of New Orleans. Manning’s father Archie played many years with the Saints.

I don’t expect any compliments to come from the defensive players. This is the same road the Giants’ defense should’ve taken last week in preparation for their game against the Washington Redskins. Giving Redskins’ QB Robert Griffin III the confidence he got once he heard the compliments from the defensive players was a bad idea.

The Giants need to heed the advice from S Antrel Rolle and get nasty. I know how great Brees is as a quarterback. However, I do not want to hear any compliments about him from any of the defensive players. We know how good he is. It’s the Giants who needs to stop him.

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