New York Giants Have The Wrong Mindset For Sunday

By jason evans
Geoff Burke — US Presswire

The New York Giants go from facing one challenging quarterback in Robert Griffin III on Monday to facing Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. RGII and Brees are two different styles of quarterbacks and are running two different styles of offense, each with their own distinct challenges. But is it actually easier? Jason Pierre-Paul seems to think so.


The Redskins got a great scheme going on there, especially with their quarterback they got, and just playing that option, man, is crazy,” Pierre-Paul said. “I think we’re one of the best teams that have played it, played it well, but it’s a pain in the (butt). I hate playing it. So now going up (against) a traditional offense, we know what we’re going to probably get, and it’s much easier.”


Yes, it’s a traditional offense, however, Brees has a knack for going off against the Giants. Last season, Brees threw for 363 yards and four touchdowns. In 2009, Brees threw for 369 yards and four touchdowns. Plus, he’s coming off of what is probably his worst day as a pro, so you know he’s going to put in extra work this week.

To me, to come in with the mindset that facing Brees is going to be easier than facing RG III is a mistake. They each have different strengths. Yes, you could play a play perfectly and RG III can make something happen, however, Brees makes things happen in other ways that RG III doesn’t downfield, plus the Saints receiving corps is better than the Redskins and with the injuries they have in the secondary, playing the Saints isn’t going to exactly be a picnic.

If this is going to be the Giants mindset going into this game, then it’s the wrong way to go. This could be a long Sunday. 

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