NFL Rumors: Is Titus Young Done with Detroit Lions?

By Christopher Gamble


Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions have placed troublesome wide receiver Titus Young on injured reserve, citing knee surgery. The move allows the Lions to keep Young away from the team but will also allow them to retain his rights in case they find a taker for Young in a trade before draft day in April.

It is clear that Young has played his last snap with the Lions. When asked about whether or not Young’s knee would require surgery, head coach Jim Schwartz said, “Yeah most likely. Yes, unless he doesn’t show up for it.” While many reporters laughed Schwartz remained stone-faced.

Young, 23, showed a lot of promise last season and was projected to emerge as a viable threat opposite Calvin Johnson. However, Young proceeded to show poor judgment and a complete lack of maturity that led to being suspended from the team twice before being put in the corner for good last week.

The Lions drafted Young in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. The fact that the Lions are willing to cut ties with a talented, young receiver that they used a high draft pick on is telling about just how much Young has worn out his welcome with the coaching staff and teammates.

If the Lions do try to trade Young, what teams would be interested in a player with Young’s talents and problems? The New England Patriots come to mind. They were willing to take on Albert Haynesworth and Randy Moss so they aren’t shy about taking a chance on a player who doesn’t have the best track record. If the price is right it could be a low-risk, high reward for a team with a stable locker room like the Patriots.

The price being right would be key. No team is going to put up more than a sixth round pick and many wouldn’t consider putting up a better offer than a seventh rounder. Some other teams that might show interest are the Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals, and the New York Jets. Even with his past he should be the subject of several NFL rumors leading up the draft.

This is pure speculation on my part but one thing is certain, Titus Young is done in Detroit.

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